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Wise County, Texas Marriage Records.  Indexed by groom.  These marriage records include bride's name, groom's name and marriage date.

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Sanderson, J. M. Ashlock, Amanda 4 Jan 1882
Sayle, D. P. Walker, Miss L. H. 2 Apr 1882
Saylor, J. B. Pigg, Bettie 30 Jan 1884
Saylor, Peter Slagle, Mrs. Mary H. 8 May 1884
Saylor, Robert Pigg, Miss L. E. 20 Jan 1886
Scales, M. H. Pryor, Miss Mittie 10 Apr 1891
Scarbrough, P. L. Powell, Martha 28 Dec 1882
Schnapel, H. C. McDaniel, Miss M. A. 30 Apr 1885
Scivally, B. Norris, Josie A. 8 Jul 1884
Scobee, B. F. Shelton, Ada 21 Dec 1884
Scott, Amuel W. Cassel, E. A. 19 Oct 1882
Scrimpshire, W. P. Morris, Mary 24 Sep 1882
Seabour, M. W. Wright, Mrs. N. M. 23 Nov 1885
Seagrave, David Hodge, Miss Emma 13 Dec 1883
Seagraves, David Hodge, Emma 13 Jan 1884
Searcy, G. T. Wilson, Lula Belle 116 Aug 1884
Sensibaugh, Robert Andrews, Mrs. A. E. 29 Oct 1885
Shahan, T. L. Taylor, H. A. 16 Dec 1884
Shanker, John Dugger, Mrs. S. C. 17 May 1885
Shankle, E. B. Hudson, C. J. 2 Nov 1884
Sharp, Charles F. Downing, Miss Roselia 19 Jan 1882
Sharp, I. W. Rouse, M. A. 8 Dec 1884
Shaver, E. R. Hogwood, Miss L. J. 11 Jul 1883
Shepherd, John Green, Miss Minerva 4 Nov 1883
Shertis, Sam Block, Annie 13 Nov 1885
Shilling, J. F. Wright, Mattie 29 Oct 1884
Shoemaker, A. L. A. McGill, Miss Callie 14 Mar 1883
Shortis, R. S. Stevens, Miss M. C. 12 Feb 1883
Silberman, Sam Mitchell, Miss Annie 19 Mar 1891
Simmes, S. A. Hart, Mrs. Zilla 6 Oct 1885
Simpson, D. J. Mann, Miss Nannie 19  Nov 1883
Simpson, E. W. Smith, Tronie 3 Nov 1881
Sims, E. E. Kingston, Miss Clara 7 Jun 1883
Singles, J. L. Thompson, F. S. 19 Oct 1884
Sipe, T. J. Hopper, Miss A. J. 12 Mar 1885
Sizemore, E. B. Wilson, Nannie 20 Sep 1884
Skipper, P. B. Taylor, Miss Emily E. 12 Sep 1882
Slimp, John L. Stephens, Lula 9 Jul 1884
Slocum, G. I. Middleton, Miss Evaline 3 Dec 1882
Smith, A. Aebly, Miss Susie 23 Jul 1885
Smith, Bill Fulton, Miss Belle 27 Apr 1883
Smith, C. L. McGrew, S. A. 2 Oct 1884
Smith, H. Reiger, Miss M. J. 27 Jul 1882
Smith, Henry Deason, Mattie 13 Nov 1884
Smith, Isaac Combs, A. D. 9 Mar 1884
Smith, J. A. Jones, Miss C. E. 17 Jan 11885
Smith, J. L. Jackson, Miss Annie E. 6 Apr 1891
Smith, J. M. Kilgore, E. M. 23 Dec 1883
Smith, J. T. Preskitt, Sarah E. 11 Sep 1884
Smith, M. W. Largent, Catherine 13 Mar 1884
Smith, R. H. Gill, Miss Mollie 29 Aug 1883
Smith, R. L. Dodd, Annie 24 Dec 1885
Smith, T. J. Price, E. 16 Jul 1884
Smith, T. W. Powell, N. E. 1 Jan 1891
Smith, W. M. Nobles, Miss Eliza 22 Dec 1881
Smith, W. M. Heath, Miss F. C. 8 Feb 1891
Smyers, H. S. Stevens, Idella 19 Nov 1885
Snead, S. C. Long, Miss Mary H. 31 Oct 1882
Solomon, John Baine, Miss Fannie 12 Jan 1885
Spell, F. P. Newman, Miss Melissa E. 22 Dec 1881
Spencer, John M. Smith, Susan F. 13 Jul 1884
Spencer, W. N. Nunley, Miss Emma 21 Jan 1891
Spraggins, C. C. Boles, Miss Jennie 12 Jul 1885
Sprouse, T. A. Ham, Miss L. E. 4 Jun 1882
Stafford, B. L. Green, Mrs. Sarah 2 Nov 1884
Standfield, R. W. Gardner, Ulary 7 Aug 1884
Stanfield, George M. Brown, Miss C. 14 Aug 1883
Stanfield, J. H. Kennedy, K. V. 21 Oct 1882
Stanfield, W. F. Eden, M. E. 14 Feb 1884
Stark, J. A. Cox, Mrs. M. E. 6 Apr 1883
Starr, W. H. Barnes, Miss H. F. 23 Apr 1882
Stateham, L. Price, Miss R. J. 11 Nov 1883
Stebinger, J. D. Logan, Miss Eliza 23 Feb 1891
Steel, L. E. Robinson, Miss W. S. L. 16 Nov 1883
Stennett, D. C. Meadows, N. E. 20 Jul 1882
Stephens, C. W. Hiatt, Allie F. 24 Apr 1884
Stephens, J. M. Jennings, Miss Annie 19 Mar 1883
Stepp, G. L. Turner, Sarah E. 23 Oct 1885
Stevens, J. B. Barnes, Miss M. J. 14 Sep 1882
Stevens, W. A. Black, Miss M. S. 12 Oct 1885
Stevenson, George Harvey, Miss Maggie 24 Dec 1883
Stewart, A. L. Wells, Miss Ellen 1 Mar 1891
Stewart, A. M. Gregg, Miss L. B. 16 Dec 1883
Stewart, H. W. Lewis, Miss Alice 6 Feb 1891
Stewart, James F. Woody, Miss Julia E. 25  Oct 1883
Stewart, M. M. Hayett, Sarah 26 Apr 1885
Stigar, T. P. Hester, Mrs. E. J. 28 Apr 1883
Stinsere, J. T. Gainer, Tennie 26 Jun 1884
Stone, A. H. Ferrell, Miss M. F. 4 Jun 1882
Story, G. W. Owens, Margaret 6 Aug 1882
Strickland, F. C. French, M. M. 29 Oct 1884
Strickland, G. C. Chapman, Miss S. R. 19 Aug 1883
Strickland, J. M. Patterson, Mrs. S. E. 7 Oct 1884
Stroud, J. L. Beach, Miss Mabel 28 Oct 1883
Stubblefield, R. K. Johnson, Miss L. J. 27 Dec 1882
Sturdy, James Scoby, Miss Lucinda 22 Dec 1881
Stutt, A. D. Gates, Miss M. A. 24 Dec 1885
Stutt, James Rayma, Bennie M. 22 Jan 1882
Sudduth, J. M. Tyler, C. E. 15 Apr 1884
Sullins, M. J. Morris, Miss Nancy A. 29 Jul 1883
Sullivan, W. J. Tussin, F. P. 22 Jul 1884
Summers, R. A. Lemons, Julia 8 Dec 1884
Sutherland, James Dwight, Frances M. 6 Oct 1884
Swift, Fred Mann, Fannie 9 Jan 1886
Sykes, B. H. Martin, Sallie 18 Mar 1884
Surnames starting with:  A-B  C-D  E-F  G-H  I-K  L-M  N-O  P-R  S  T-V  W-Z

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